Welcome to the [DGAS] Dont Give A Shit Clan

Welcome to the [DGAS] Dont Give A Shit we are a mature (sort of mature he he) group of players from around the world, who play F.P.S (First Person Shooters) mostly based on the Battlefield series; BF 1942, BF2, BF Vietnam, Bad Company 2, BF3, BF4 and the new BF1. We encourage freedom of speech in this clan so if you easily offended please don't bother applying, our points of view range from left leaning greenies to right wing extremists as long as you can justify your point of view your welcome to have your say (but be warned if your willing to dish it you better be prepared to take it).

We don't accept aim botters or hackers in this clan so if you have any past problems with EA or PB bans you better be honest with us. We don't care what your abilities are as long as we just want people we can get on with and can get on with us, so we insist new recruits come into Teamspeak so mic and headphones are essential. Also we don't want any rage quitters or gutless pussies who cant take a bit of ribbing or shit stiring in other words NO CRY BABIES WANTED HERE as that position has been by me LOL
To join this clan you must:
1: Register with us at website and join the [dgas] (lower case letters) BF3 probationary or community platoon first before being considered for full membership [DGAS] upper-case.
2: Hop into our Teamspeak3 on a regular basis 3-4 times a week.
3: Mix with [DGAS] members for us to get know you and you know us.
4: Help populate our servers if asked or try and follow us into pubbing servers so we can mix and learn to play as a squad/platoon or clan.
5: Listen and respect [DGAS] members cause we have policy of "Bros before Hoes."
6: To be considered for membership in this usually takes about 3-4 weeks and you are voted in by members.
7: Request your [DGAS] tags via website after waiting 3-4 weeks and then you will be then put to the vote by full pledged [DGAS] members.
8: Once you you have your tags you must make regular appearances in Teamspeak and visit our website for clan information.
9: Understand the concept that [DGAS] members have a say in what goes in generally but there is a senior leadership in this clan and they make final decision on major decisions and close calls.
So if this sounds like the clan for you, we are recruiting mature players generally 17 years of age and up (not a hard or fast rule if your younger than 17 but mature you maybe considered). We also are rare that we don't require members to donate to the clan as this can lead to problems.
So if you require more information please hop into our Teamspeak 3 and talk to any [DGAS] member. For more information use the TeamSpeak 3 link and have a chat with us. We have a Facebook page please check it out and tick like you bastards lol DGAS Facebook (old) DGAS BF1 Facebook Page
To all new recruits you must request your full [DGAS] tags via website forums in new recruits and social section until we vote you in,you will be wearing you proby tags [dgas].